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Singapore Biathlon 2011 Swim Trial

I'm glad to announced that I had CLEARED the Singapore Biathlon 2011 Swim Trial.

Due to this being my virgin attempt at the Biathlon event, the organiser got to ascertain our swimming proficiency and confidence level in long distance open water swims. So I am required to take part in the swim trial at Sembawang Singapore Yacht Club. Its either I pass the swim trial and be able to participate in the actual event on 12 feb or I don't make the mark and receive the goodie bag but nt allowed to take part on the actual day.

Since it was organised by the Navy, naturally its the NSFS that are on duty to entertain us. While registering and depositing our bags, I do pity them wasting their precious saturday serving us, but then having been there done that, my pity for them came and go pretty fast. After verifying our details, we were given a bag to deposit our belongings and a complimentary 2XU swim cap.

There were actually different colours for the swim cap for the different wave of swimmers at different timings. Given a choice I would had chosen a different colour but I shouldn't be picky on free stuff right? Next we were brought to another counter where we got to be stamped on both our hands our 4D number. Turns out there won't be any electronic bib given to us to record our timing, it would be all manual recording. Pretty cool having numbers stamped on your hand like tattoos but they proved a handfull when washing them off after the event lol.

The organisor gave us the safety brief, swimming route and the timing to meet which is 50 minute for 1.5km. In the swimming pool I can average about 36-40 minute doing 1.5km of swim but that is without waves going against me. So I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to make it within the time limit in open sea. When the siren sound, everybody rushed into the water as if it was the actual event day itself. It just doesn't feel like a swim trial anymore. I can feel my adrenaline rushing and swam with the others earnestly. The swim route was only 750M long in a triangle so I gotta complete two loops. Midway in my first loop I was kicked in the head by a breaststroke swimmer infront of me. It got me seeing stars for a moment and the kick shifted my goggles and abit of the sea water entered my goggles. It got my left eye stinging for a moment but nothing can be compared to drinking seawater. I accidnetally gulp down a few mouth of seawater and thats gotta be the worst experience ever. You wanna spit but you can't as you just risk drinking more and the taste just stays in the mouth throughout the swim. By the time i finished my first loop the clock reads 19 minute so I got about 30 minutes to complete the second half. Feeling pretty safe I looked back, there actually isn't much swimmers behind me then I realised I'm actually one fo the slower ones lol. The second loop was more enjoyable as there weren't much swimmers around me as most of them are ahead so I can swim freely. I actually enjoyed the wave going against me as it lifted me up a little then going down again, abit like a mini roller coaster haha. 

The clock read 40 min 34 seconds when I reached the shore and I was greeted by words of congrats from the NSF recording our number down. The first thing I really wanted though was just a cup of plain water to rinse my mouth. Overall my first experience swimming in open sea was a truly enjoyable one. Two years ago I wouldn't have even dared to dream of swimming in a pool. But I'm glad that I'm able to pick up swimming in my army days which leads to a new favourite past time, swimming, And when I combine it with my another favourite exercise running, I'm having the best of both world in Biathlon. But I couldn't see myself participating in Triathlon in the future, but never say never. haha. 


HSBC Treetop Trail at Lower Mandai

I went trekking with Wendy, Jaime and Eugene last Saturday. Initially Jaime was telling me its the HSBC Treetop Trail, but upon reaching then i realise, ITS LOWER MANDAI. This the area where I came and undergo my navigations training and test. We gotta trek in the forest with our rifles and signal set and locate the checkpoints given to us within the allocated time. Going back there looking at the place where I walked before and rested, just that this time round I'm no longer wearing green but am a civilian =)

Start Point t some car park

I rmb myself trudging across that small stream lol

Heading for this.

Familiar signs

Petaling hut - Night Start Point

My lousy camera didn't did justice to the beautiful view here lol.

In between the trekking we saw this pavilion so we took a rest. I took out the sandwich that Jaime prepared and 5 seconds later this monkey that appeared earlier was infront of me. Immediately picked up our bad and kept all the food. Eugene tried to scare it away by stamping his foot but the wasn't afraid at all. It actually bared its teeth and wanted to lunge forward. So i threw my empty bottle at another direction to distract it and it went running after it. Lol, what a sight man, Eugene VS Monkey. Hahaha, shld had youtube it down, haha.


Sch Begins

Sch officially start today. Bad enough to say my timetable for monday is screwed up as I have Morning Lectures at 8,30am ending at 11.30am, after which is a 4 hour break before next lesson at 3.30pm - 6.30 p.m. So what am i supposed to do for the 4 hours break? Anyway too late to make changes for timetable liao so just gotta live with this for the next half a year.

Last Thursday was officially my last day at IRAS. Happy to say i learnt loads of new things about taxes but sad to say some of the personnels there are f***ers. From the tmp staffs who are lazing on the job to permanent staffs that are intellectually disabled, there seems to be no end of them.

Overall its still a good experience and the income generated allowed me to get myself a new laptop =) I got myself a Samsung R480 laptop from Sim Lim MC2. Pretty good deal: I5 520 processor, 4GB DDR3 Ram, 500 GB Hard Disk Drive, GEFORCE 1GB graphic card. Intially when it just cae out 1 year ago it was selling at $1999, till now selling at $1499. As you know Sim Lim need to bargain so managed to bargain till $1199 and close deal. Whats more it come with ! year extended local warranty and Norman Security one year as free gift and I got a free cooler too.

I think it was 2 weekends ago, it was Sut's birthday gathering at Sentosa. Sut booked a hotel room at one of the hotel there near Tanjong beach. The day was spent lazing at Tanjong beach then followed by games at the room. Forgotten what its call but everybody had fun and by the end of the game everyone was sneezing so badly due to the bad ventlation from the aircon lol.

New Yoga move haha

Last Sunday I completed my first half marathon of 21 km. The furthest that I had ever run competitively was only 10 km and the training that I had done was only up till 13 km. I was really happy that I managed to sustain and complete the run, eventhough I walked a few times for the last 1-2 km of the run, I still managed to clock a rather respectable timing in my opinion. Initially I was aiming for under 2h 30 min but I completed it in 2 h 17 min. Next up is Nike 10 km and Standard Chartered half marathon!!

Lousiest race pack ever.


Remember that I said I'm gonna have all the fun that I missed out for the past two months. Apparently I'm not able to do that already, as I got myself a part time job at Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). I could only work for like 1.5 months but they still agreed to employ me. For the 1.5 months I'm actually required to go through 8 days of training to learn all about taxes and everything regarding the job before i start work. So technically speaking I'm paid eight days for learning and work for only 4 weeks. I don't know what makes them want to employ me but I'm glad I did because my desktop computer is giving me a big headache. So looking forward to 2 Sept which is Comex =) For the new laptop I'm gonna get, i shall forgo the swimming sessions that I'm anticipating and the weekdays outing. I shall faithfully pull myself up from bed every morning to take the 1 hour bus ride to novena. Don't i love traveling to the west? haha

Last Monday I went to Swensens at Ion with the animals. Initially we wanted to just have dinner there and the Swensens cake. The we saw that they have the ice-cream buffet going on and its only available at Ion's outlet. Since Wendy was able to get a 30% discount, its too good an opportunity to pass! Generally the cakes were a big disappointment so we we just dig into their ice-cream. Overall, I think its perfectly fine if you didn't try the ice-cream buffet at all. It just allows you to try every taste. I swear i tried a weird flavour one at Swensens that taste like Campbell mushroom soup. Lol.

Last Saturday had a picnic session with E08 at Marina Barrage. The weather was looking horrible so when we feel minimal raindrops, we immediately packed up everything and rushed indoor. End up it didn't rain haha. But we still decided to stay indoor as the weather was still looking dangerous. Then there were fireworks from the YOG opening ceremony but it was kinda start stop start stop each fireworks just lasting 45 seconds and the wait in between were like 10 - 15 minutes? It was kinda turn off so I just sat down taking care of everyone belongings. After the picnic we headed over to Mind Cafe at Safra Tampines. It was one hell of a night man, this is the first time I enjoy so much in Mind Cafe but I forgotten what game we were playing already lol.


Hi all it had really been AGES since my last blog entry. Pardon me as I had been busy with my bridging course. My bridging exam just ended yesterday night and I'm so glad its over. For the past two months I had been waking up at 5.45 every morning and leaving home at 6.30 to make my way to Clementi. So now I have a 1.5 months break till school starts again. I don't think I will be travelling to Clementi for the next 1.5 months at least. The traveling stinks.

For the past 2 months one of the best thing that happen to me was that I passed my driving test!!! Prior to the driving test my confidence was actually at an all time low. My instructor had been pointing out my mistake so frequently that I knew that if it was a test I would had failed. I got this feeling that I'm actually paying money to go fail the test. Lady luck must had been with me that morning, I actually passed! The 12 demerit points that i gotten was for insufficient acceleration, failure to check mirror before moving off and abrupt change of lane. I could still remember I kept smiling for ten minutes after knowing I passed. No more driving lessons and travelling to Eunos and Ubi liao. It had been closed to 2 weeks since I passed my test but I had only drove once, driving my parents to the market and back on a Sunday morning. Now i must pass my dad's test before I can drive out alone lol. Its essential for me to know the roads well, whats the point if I can drive but I suck at directions. haha

Last months my poly clique had a bbq at Pasir Ris park. For that whole week it had been raining non stop and the bbq day itself it was also raining. We still went ahead anyway buying the ingredients and stuff challenging the weather. Luckily the rain ended at around 6.00 pm and our bbq was allowed to go ahead. It had been really long since this many of us met up due to different commitments. It was a fun and lively bbq with loads of gossips going around, After the bbq we still headed over to changi airport terminal 3 macdonalds to chill and chat. Wonderful gathering and hopefully more to come!!

Earlier in the evening I went for my first jog in 2 months. The day I started school In sim was also the day I stopped running and swimming. There was simply no time or I was just too lazy. I seriously need to start training for the AHM in a months time. My stamina now can only last me till 7km. Damn sad man, just 2 months ago I can still run gold timing and 10km at a decent pace. My tan had already went off too, so now I'm back to being the yellow Chinese boy. I'm so gonna start my exercise regime for the next 1.5 months before school start as I highly doubt I still can stick to my exercises with schoolwork. And I'm going to have all the fun that I missed out for the past two months. Starting with dinner with the animals this Monday =)